Custom Apparel

Absolute Apparel works hard to get you the quickest turn over time to get you all of your custom apparel needs. When it comes to your order, there are lots of different options you have to meet all of your needs, we have it ALL right here for you. Below there is a link to our application for your custom apparel order.

*A $100 deposit is required for all custom orders with art, this is NOT A FEE, and will be put towards your total invoice amount when amount is due. This is considered an artwork deposit and will not be refunded once the art has been started. This deposit is due within (7) days of when price quote is sent to the above listed email address.

*A 1/2 down deposit of the quoted total is also required at the time the order is placed. This will need to be charged at the time of the art deposit, and will be placed towards the total. The last portion of payment is due at the time of shipment/or pickup.

*Design services depend on the graphics you are needed done, a simple design could be as low as $15 as a complex design could be as high as $100.  The initial design for all custom orders will include 2-3 mockup styles, and AS MANY REVISIONS AS YOU'D LIKE. We want this to be absolutely perfect for you. Please make sure to check spelling, grammer, and any other design elements when approving your mockup, as they will be printed "as is" when approved by the customer.

*Please note we have many different forms of printing so colors of art and colors of garments can be effected by this.

*Any art work submitted by you MUST be an original and have all rights to the design or logo.  


Please keep in mind there are many different variables that are factors of the cost of your order. Some key factors you should keep in mind:

-The quantity of items you are wanting, the more pieces you are getting the cost per item goes down.

-The item you are printing on, this is pretty obvious if you want a high quality shirt the cost goes up also darker colors tend to be more expensive to print on.

Please let us know in your application if you are wanting top quality or wanting it printed as cost effective as possible.